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Many firms—including those in the wholesale distribution sector—have achieved more efficient and business operations by using cloud-based ERP.

There are few hard boundaries confining the industry sector in which wholesale distributors operate. Many sellers – be they wholesalers or retailers – have warehouses and distribution operations, and much variety exists within the distribution function itself. Some distributors do little more than drop ship standard items from warehoused inventories when orders arrive, while others are actively engaged in the design, manufacture, customization and/or sale of the products they distribute.

Whatever the variations on the theme, wholesale distributors face challenges ranging from tight margins to supply chain and delivery-carrier dependencies. Succeeding in this demanding and fast-paced sector requires that companies operate with high efficiency and low error rates. Wholesale distributors that don’t closely track and optimise their core operations can put critical business relationships at risk, seriously undermining their profitability and growth potential.


- Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)


- Wholesale Distribution


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