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As a Wholesale Distributor you sit in the middle of the commerce process and can often be blamed when things go wrong. You walk a fine line between ensuring that products are available, whilst at the same time need to be constantly aware of fluctuating customer demand. As a result, you need 360-degree business visibility, smart inventory management, efficient order and shipment processing and quick problem resolution.

Challenges you face include:

  • Metrics based on unreliable data
  • Ineffective inventory utilisation
  • Difficulty spanning into multiple channels
  • Inefficient order processes and inaccurate information
  • Order creation and inventory visibility issues
  • Manual processes which are simply not scalable

Increase business performance and customer satisfaction

NetSuite can rapidly accelerate your business by delivering a unique set of processes, activities and systems which are specifically designed to add value. It encompasses not only B2B but also B2C commerce, sourcing, warehousing, support capabilities, management, marketing and sales, all within one platform.

Work with Catalyst to implement a NetSuite solution and:

  • Unify your business 
  • Gain a single customer view, to include orders, items and inventory
  • Add e-commerce and other omnichannel capabilities to enhance customer experience 
  • Tackle challenges such as lack of visibility or supply chain inefficiencies
  • Focus on new strategies, to include pricing and margin management

NetSuite has helped to support the diversification of our business, and the introduction of new product lines. We have seen a 20-30% reduction in inventory costs and it has enabled us to meet our business objectives through easily visible KPIs, reports, dashboards and reminders. 

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