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NetSuite has a deep understanding of software and high tech businesses and the challenges they face. SuiteSuccess for software companies addresses four key areas:

Rapid implementation

We will get you up and running quickly, and cloud delivery eliminates on-premise IT costs and automatic updates, so your software is always current.

Growth and expansion

Whether a startup or established business, we enable your team to stay agile and flexible, using a single unified business management suite to grow with you at every stage, anywhere in the world.

Tailored delivery 

SuiteSuccess delivers industry specific functionality with hundreds of pre-built reports, value-driven dashboards and KPI’s developed by years of use by thousands of people in similar roles at high tech companies.


A unified and phased route to success and scalability 

Providing you with a real-time view into business performance and the metrics you need to be aware of. This solution automates critical finance and accounting processes, increasing the accuracy and efficiency of the financial close process.

You can then synchronise complex billing and revenue management flows, automate subscription and renewal processes, and begin preparing for international expansion.

When you have the capability to support multiple subsidiaries and currencies across global operations, you can then address other challenges such as a lack of business visibility or inefficiencies.

Ultimately you will be keen to focus on strategies that enable you to maximise customer value, such as upsell opportunities, predictive analysis and reducing the cost of your customer base.


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