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NetSuite is run by over 40,000 organisations and allows businesses to run management applications in the cloud, with complete confidence.

NetSuite has since 1998 enabled comprehensive data privacy, data management, security and availability. All of which are vital for running essential ERP, CRM and e-commerce applications.

Enterprise-grade infrastructure for scalability

Application Security

A broad range of advanced functionality secures the application, including role-based access, strong encryption and robust password policies. There are also further layers of security, such as application-only access and restricting access to only certain IP addresses to provide complete confidence and peace of mind.

Operational Security

Stringent round-the-clock monitoring tools, controls and policies give the strongest security.

Data Management

Robust data management policies and infrastructure allows you to be confident, knowing that your data is completely replicated, backed-up and available whenever you need it.


NetSuite provides best-in-class availability with an average uptime of 99.96%.

Energy Efficiency

NetSuite’s cloud infrastructure enables companies to operate in a sustainable manner by reducing overall server room electric consumption by up to 99%, when compared to running on-premise.

For us, it is the ultimate cloud platform. It provides all the tools we need to run our business efficiently. 

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