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Marketing automation software from NetSuite automates your entire marketing process, and allows you to better align campaigns with your sales teams.

Generate highly-qualified leads

NetSuite provides a framework where you can target, build, execute and assess the success of your marketing campaigns. It simplifies lead qualification and conversion and lets you track and measure a prospect's activity and identify where they are in the buying cycle. Enabling you to pass leads across to sales as soon as your criteria is met.


  • Utilise effective multi-channel campaign management to streamline the execution of marketing campaigns across multiple channels, to include website, email, events and social media.
  • Improve sales collaboration by aligning marketing and sales goals and quickly convert your leads into customers.
  • Shorten your sales cycle by delivering highly relevant content prospects at the right time within the buying cycle.
  • Gain real-time visibility of your campaign performance Return on Investment (ROI) with effective analytics.



As we regularly run marketing campaigns, we needed to understand how effective they were, and what we could be doing better. The ability to be able to run campaigns across multiple channels has also made things much easier for us. 

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