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A positive attitude

Kirsty Lewis is highly regarded in the fields of facilitation and business for her knowledge, passion and expertise as a trainer of trainers. Kirsty wanted to create a digital presence for her business – The School of Facilitation and was already aware of the Catalyst IT team and the quality of work they produced. She particularly liked their attitude to life and how they approached projects.


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"It is very important to trust the people that you are working with on something as fundamental as your own business. Having a great rapport from the outset, an openness and willingness to discuss ideas and provide feedback was also an essential part of my relationship with Catalyst IT. As a customer I needed to be clear right from the very beginning about what I wanted the project to achieve. If you are thinking about a digital project and have any grey areas then discuss these with your project team and get into a position where they understand what you want to achieve. If you don’t know what you want, then nor will they! Also don’t believe that defining your brand and digital identity is a process that will be completed overnight. To run a project like this correctly can sometimes take time, as you may need to discuss each element in turn and change direction. You may also be pleasantly surprised by the design team as they show you something you really had not previously considered. This is a fantastic bonus, as the thinking is fresh and any designs are very different to anything else already out there in the wider word."

Kirsty Lewis,

School of Facilitation Solutions


To create an entire digital profile

Working closely with Catalyst IT, Kirsty had the opportunity to describe and identify what her business stood for. This enabled the team to create design concepts for logos and themes, which were then further discussed.

The new website would require copy, and a copywriter was assigned to the project to help Kirsty to consider what she wanted to say about herself and her business. It can be difficult to write about your own business and beliefs as it is very personal subject and close to you. Therefore Kirsty found this approach very useful and thought provoking. Ultimately it facilitated copy that perfectly represented Kirsty and The School of Facilitation.


A hub of knowledge

Once a decision had been made on the logo design, a suite of digital elements was produced to include, imagery for a LinkedIn profile background, a Twitter profile, a branded PowerPoint template slide deck, business cards, email signature and importantly a website which acts as a hub for all digital activity.


Flexibility and fresh thinking

The WordPress content management system allows Kirsty to have full control of her website, for editing, amending and adding new content.

Although the Catalyst IT team and Kirsty were in different parts of the UK, collaboration on the project was made easy, via Skype and also by telephone. As the project moved closer to completion, a final face to face meeting was held, to ensure that that all elements had been covered.


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