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Clare Metcalfe, Operations Director at Phoenix Software talks about working with Catalyst to identify and implement a Business Intelligence (BI) solution.

Phoenix Software Ltd has more than 25 years’ experience of advising customers on the best-fit software licensing, hardware, Software Asset Management, EUC and general IT services and solutions currently available across the Public Sector, Education, Charity, Housing and Corporate entities.


- Business Intelligence


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"QlikView has become an intrinsic part of Phoenix Software. It has been embraced fully by our sales teams and this is now spreading to a wider audience. We are looking to further develop QlikView, to expand into other areas of our business having seen the positive effect it has had within the sales environment. "

Clare Metcalfe, Operations Director


With an ever-growing product portfolio and expansion of our sales force we needed to ensure that our sales teams had the right data, at the right time in an easy to access, graphical format to aid them in their daily work. All layers of management from team leaders, sales managers and directors also needed to be able to view the company sales and product data in a hierarchal view, with the ability to delve into the detail with just one click.

Access to our data was available across the business, but not in one easy to access format, where users could self-serve and interrogate the information themselves.


We had looked at the Qlik range of products with a view to resell them to our customers and with the support of Catalyst for implementation. Board discussions took place as to how we should move forward to implement a business intelligence product and Qlik was at the top of our list.

We met with Catalyst who provided a demonstration of QlikView and explained how the product could be implemented within an environment such as ours. They identified the benefits of the product along with the requirements of what would be needed from Phoenix Software to ensure a successful implementation.

After several further discussions and whiteboard sessions, the Board made the decision to move ahead with QlikView. A Phoenix working party was put in place to work with Catalyst.


The key to the success of the project was the guidance from Mike Cawthorn, who engaged with our team, understood our business and helped us to pinpoint the key objectives of the project and ensured that they were met. Rachael Selman from QlickiT was also fundamental to the project’s success. Rachael was able to work closely with our developers to ensure that our company data was identified correctly and used her experience to ensure the data displayed in the clearest and simplest way for users to access.

The project required considerable commitment from both sides to ensure implementation targets were met but the results have been more than worthwhile.


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