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Company Overview

EcoBox, a distributor of moving boxes and shipping supplies, wanted to expand its online business and add new brick-and-mortar retail stores, but needed to minimise costs.


- Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)


- Wholesale Distribution

"“NetSuite is absolutely one of the biggest components of our success. I don’t think we could have grown to where we are today without NetSuite.” "



Its previous software applications, including Sage Peachtree, Act! and Primecart, were not integrated, resulting in inefficient manual work, process delays and poor visibility. Plus thousands of product SKUs with complex metadata made it difficult to manage essential rapid pricing changes.


After evaluating a variety of alternatives, EcoBox selected NetSuite as an integrated, multi-functional business platform for its ERP, CRM, e-commerce and physical point-of-sale requirements.


Since 2006, NetSuite has enabled EcoBox to easily manage four subsidiaries and six locations, providing a complete view of its customers financials and inventories. More Benefits include:

. Revenue increased more than five-fold
. $100,000 saved on on-premise software
. POS transaction times cut by 30%
. Per-order shipping time is 50% faster
. Pickup orders fulfilled in just one hour
. Monthly financial consolidation takes less than seven days (vs. several weeks manually)
. Unified customer data supporting monthly blasts of up to 50,000 marketing emails


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