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Chief Finance Officers (CFOs) of private equity firms have never been under more pressure. Demands from investors and regulators have facilitated new requirements for transparency and reporting. Also, increased competition and the potential of private equity as an asset class, means that CFOs are much more involved in exactly how to differentiate themselves than ever before.

Adding value to your portfolio 

Where previously a CFO was focused on protecting the value of an investment, now they are tasked with delivering insight and recognising the possibility of how to create additional value.

Improved investor reporting creates new opportunities and helps to satisfy these demands.

Maximise your Big Data opportunity

If you are still relying on Excel for reporting and analysis, you cannot easily realise the full benefits of your data and produce an effective strategy for your portfolio assets.

How can technology help?

By taking greater control of the operating data for your portfolio, you can improve reporting timelines and obtain a granular view. Also, shortening your reporting cycle enables any action required to be carried out in real-time.

The same situation applies to your portfolio firms, where integrated reporting supported by non-financial data will indicate the bottom-line performance.

Typically, Finance teams face the difficulty of having the correct level of expertise to convert greater volumes of traditional data and non-financial data held in disparate systems, into meaningful insight.

Work with Catalyst to:

  • Streamline and improve your reporting operations
  • Improve efficiency, transparency, collaboration and visibility

Improving our reporting capability was a priority. We wanted to be able to analyse our data and respond to any business performance indicators quickly. We also have the opportunity to add further reporting capabilities in the future, if required.

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